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Symbolbild: Die Bahnhofsmission

The railway mission

The first Bavarian railway mission was established at the Munich Central Station in 1897 - grown out of a reception service for unaccompanied young women, who came from the country looking for work in the city. To protect the young women from exploitation and trafficking, some dedicated Ladies from Munich founded the "Marian Girl´s Protection Association in Bavaria" in 1985. Largely thanks to Ellen Ammann and Luise Fogt, the first Catholic railway mission was founded in Germany. Just like its older "Protestant sister" in Berlin it was a role model for future foundations, which later, in 1910, became organized in the conference for church railway missions. This was the first ecumenical merger in Germany. The good ecumenical cooperation is also maintained in the association of the church railway missions in Bavaria, in which 13 Bavarian railway missions have merged together.

The offers of those help institutions live on the commitment of volunteers. Almost 300 volunteering women and men help together with full-time staff to keep up the railway mission´s work by providing company on a journey or to help people finding their way. Their exemplary commitment has been awarded with the social price of the Bavarian Foundation, which has been representatively accepted by the consortium of the ecclesiastical railway missions. Thanks to this price money two Bavarian-wide volunteering days could take place - as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for their tireless efforts.

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