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In recent years, the consultation of overindebted people has become an important task within social work. About 3,4 million German households (more than every tenth adult German citizen or roundabout 7,2 million people) are overindebted, experts expect rising figures. There are 360.000 overindebted households in Bavaria with 770.000 overindebted people.

The four main reasons for overindebtness are unemployment, constant low payment, separation from the partner and failed self-employment. It´s easy to become overindebted: banks, onlineshops and department stores lure people into seemingly easy and low-risk loans in order to push purchases.


Consulting overindebted people within Diakonie is social work with and for the people. It helps to get through financial emergency situations and to get over the social and psychological consequences following the threat of the exsitence by being overindebted. In addition, the debt consultation is working together with its clients and other social parties on a change of the social framework of overindebtment.

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