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Gain confidence - find new ways

For many people the crisis line is the last chance go get help. Here people can talk about everything that´s weighing them down. There´s no topic that cannot be discussed. The caller can expect competent and empathetic counselling and assistance. Anonymity, of course, is guaranteed.

Our staff advise the caller which helping institution he/she could turn to, or simply help by "only" listening and taking the worries and fears of the caller seriously.

Your free crisis line phone number


0800/111 0 111 · 0800/111 0 222


Your call is free of charge.

Your contact

Schwangerschafts-, Ehe-, Familien-, Lebens- und Erziehungsberatung, Telefonseelsorge
Elisabeth Simon
Diakonisches Werk Bayern e.V.
Postfach 120320
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