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At the end of life

"For Diakonie, life from the beginning to the end is in God´s hands, who gives life dignity and meaning." With this statement, Diakonie in Bavaria has clearly pointed out years ago which principle is important when dealing with dying. Admittedly, the debate on ethical issues at the end of life must not only be done in words, is also has to have consequences - for the sake of the dying, their families and the people working in our facilities.


Diakonie´s claim to allow everybody a dignified life until the end must be embedded in certain conditions to guarantee this dignity. These conditions include the ethical and professional qualification of the employees who are in charge of this important and highly responsible task. With the initiative hospice and palliative care the Bavarian Diakonie has reached more than 150 facilities dealing with old people´s help. After legislators have improved the conditions, Diakonie has focused on the training of palliative professionals to satisfy the people´s wish: to be able to die at home with no pains and in dignity  - in a conscious way that allows social contact right until the end.


Diakonie in Bavaria is convinced that it can help to allow a dignified life until the end - regardless of where life´s last hours are spent.


Learn more by watching the film "Sozialpolitik leicht gemacht - die Hospizarbeit der Diakonie".


Stationäre Hospize in evangelischer Trägerschaft:

Hospizstation des Evangelischen

Gemeindevereins Mögeldorf e.V.

Ziegenstraße 30

90482 Nürnberg


Tel.: 0911 99541-70

Fax: 0911 99541-15


12 Plätze

Hospiz in der Diakonie am Ohm-Platz

Am Röthelheim 2

91052 Erlangen


Tel.: 09131 120450

Fax: 09131 1204525


12 Plätze

Hospiz Naila im Diakoniewerk Martinsberg e.V.

Neulandstraße 12

95119 Naila


Tel.: 09282 69381-0

Fax: 09282 96381-10


8 Plätze

Ambulante Hospizdienste in evangelischer Trägerschaft:

Ambulanter Hospizdienst des Diakoniezentrums Nürnberg-Mögeldorf

Ziegenstraße 30

90482 Nürnberg


Tel.: 0911 99541-70

Fax: 0911 99541-15


Hospizverein Neuendettelsau / Windsbach

Wilhelm-Löhe-Straße 16

91564 Neuendettelsau


Tel: 09874 82263

Fax: 09874 82262

E-Mail: Hospiz(at)DiakonieNeuendettelsau(dot)de


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Dr. Barbara Erxleben
Diakonisches Werk Bayern e.V.
Postfach 120320
90332 Nürnberg