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Life in dignity - even in old age

After 80 years of life, people become increasingly dependent. There are 10% among the 60 to 80-year olds, over 50% of the over 85-year old that need help and care. Only few can be nursed by the family. It is increasingly rare that many generations live under one roof. Many mothers return to their jobs after a phase of childcare. Help from a spouse or partner is rarely possible, because many old people live in single households.

Old people are not a homogeneous group: besides the biographical situation and the development circumastances in the early phase of life, the material, health, mental and social conditions play an important role. In Germany today, there are 100 employees for abpout 35 pensioners, it´ll be 71 in 2030. The amount of old people from 85 years on will increase. The "aged society" consists of two thirds of women.


Diakonie runs diverse institutions and offers for the care of old people - patient facilities as well as home care services, but also some in-patient services. Because people need secure circumstances to live a life in dignity, also in an old age. It´s not always possible to stay in their own home when mobility is restricted, be part of society and experience the quality of life when illnesses take over. Without adequate support uncertainties and worries grow to be helpless and alone in case of an emergency.


By the way: for the care and treatment of old and sick people Diakonie has developed a uniform quality profile, marked with a quality check seal. The main characteristics of Diakonie care is the humane treatment of those concerned and their families.

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