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Family care

If one parent fails - often it is the mother - maybe due to a sickness, the family is facing big problems. Who goes shopping? Who cooks? Who supervises homework?

The family care of Diakonie Bavaria -  an obligatory service of the health insurances, by the way- makes sure that

  • the children are looked after
  • sick and disabled family members are nursed
  • the household is running smoothly

in case the family can´t manage alone.


Possible situations:

  • Treatment of the mother or father
  • Any forms of treatment
  • Stay in hospital
  • Acute sickness at home
  • Riskful pregnancy, giving birth or multiple birth
  • Special stress, sickness, in need of care or disability
  • Psychological or educational stress

The professional association for family care

Learn more about the offers and sites of Diakonie Bavaria´s family care.

More subject-related information

Learn more about the social-political family care position of Diakonie Bavaria.

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