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Offers for families

The family is being rediscovered. While doing so, especially the problems and crisis phenomenons awaken the new interest in families, especially the problems to be expected for the job market and the social security systems as a consequence of the demographic change.

You might obtain this impression by public discussions and also from striking book titles just like:" S.O.S. Family - We look old without our children", "Revolting families - parents and children fight for their future", "Germany - poor country for children - how the ego-society gambles our future", "Child poverty and intergenerational justice - Family- and social politics in demographic change", only to name a few.


Family and society are interdependent: families educating children provide an indispensable contribution to the performance of our society. Families also add typical values such as security, reliability, partnership and solidarity to the human face of our society.


But then again: to complete their tasks, families are depending on reliable and positive structures. That means, families need a supportive social infrastructure such as demand-orientated childcare, family-orientated schools and jobs, family counselling, parent education, they need family-friendly appartments and a family-friendly social climate.


One basic requirement is material security through a family-orientated income. Having children must no longer put financial security at risk. 1,5 million children under 18 years in Germany live in poverty, according to UNICEF. Especially single parent families, but also couples with three and more children can be found disproportionately in lower income groups. All recent social reports show that having many children is a central risk for poverty. The fact alone that someone has children must not lead into poverty.


Bavarian Diakonie is both politically and practically engaged for the significance of families, offering various services. Please find a selection here

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