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Partnership work

Even before the reunification Bavarian Diakonie became involved in the development of social projects in Eastern Europe. For example, the Silesian Diakonie was supported, as well as Diakonie institutions of the Hungarian church or welfare centres in the Ukraine.
Nowadays the partnership work of Diakonie Bavaria puts a strong emphasis on the cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church Hungary.

There have been twinning links to the Hungarian church for many years, which reflect in the partnership contract between the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Bavaria and its Hungarian partners.
The partnership mainly focuses on collective Bavarian-Hungarian Diakonie seminars, partnership relations between Diakonie institutions, exchange of specialists and work shadowing in care services for the elderly and disabled, care for the homeless and the mutual support of training professionals.

Furthermore, Bavarian Diakonie cooperates with the German Evangelical-Lutheran church in the Ukraine. Welfare workfields are constantly required in such a small church to ensure their existence. On top of that, there are massive challenges referring to non-residential care services for the elderly, the social work with children and youths or in fighting Aids. Long term strategies will be necessary to sustain the partner´s social work. In the forseeable future financial aid will still play an important role.

The campaign Lenten Fund, initiated by the Evangelical church Bavaria, Diakonie, Martin-Luther-Verein and Gustav-Adolf-Werk Bavaria, annualy supports numerous social welfare and church projects in Eastern Europe. Among those projects are facilities for street kids, kids- and youthclubs, welfare- and social institutions, human rights centres, retirement homes and nursery schools.

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