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Diakonie disaster relief

For 50 years the Diakonie disaster relief of the Protestant-Lutheran church in Bavaria has been providing worldwide assistance where help is needed most. The organization helps people who suffer from natural disasters, but also from war and expulsion and who cannot cope with this situation on their own. It helps regardless of skin colour, religion or nationality.

Diakonie disaster relief is fostering an average of 150 annual aid operations. The goal is to restore sustainable living conditions in the disaster areas. Sustainable and effective disaster aid is not only reduced to pure survival aid. It is also about precaution and preventive measures in order to prevent future catastrophes or at least to reduce the full extend of future damage, as well as rehabilitation- and reconstrucion programmes.

Nature and extend of the assistance is adapted to the situation in the disaster area. The assistance is always based on the local conditions and embedded in the economic, social and political context of the country or region. They depend on the needs of victims, respect the dignity of human beings and protect laws and customs.

To ensure this, Diakonie disaster relief works closely with experienced local partners. It is also member of ACT (Churches help together), a worldwide network of church aid organizations referring to humanitarian aid.


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Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe


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While the international distasters are being organized via ACT (Churches help together), Diakonie Bavaria takes over the coordination of Bavarian disasters. The regional church commissioner for disaster relief is based in Nuremberg, Diakonisches Werk Bavaria. His responsibilities include the advice on the development of a crisis-team network on a deanery level or via the district offices of Diakonie, the advice and support of regional church activities in case of a disaster, cooperation with emergency services and emergency pastoral care. He also organizes appeals for donations and financial aid in case of a disaster.

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