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International Diakonie

Diakonie´s three organizations are present almost anywhere in the world, helping people who suffer from natural disasters, war or violent expulsion:

Brot für die Welt is a church development cooperation campaign and sponsored by all Protestant national- and free churches in Germany.

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe is on the spot when the need is greatest: for earthquakes, floods, droughts or epidemics. The organization helps people who suffer from natural disasters, but also from war and expulsion. It helps regardless of skin colour, age, sex, religion or nationality.


The enlargement of the European Union finally has changed the life in Eastern Europe fundamentally. Along with the collapsing political structures the economic and social systems also failed. This calls for equal partnership co-operation of Diakonie sponsors.

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Vorständin Gesundheit und Teilhabe
Sandra Schuhmann
Diakonisches Werk Bayern e.V.
Postfach 120320
90332 Nürnberg Bayern