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Angebote für Kinder und Jugendliche

Offers for children and young people

Many children and young people grow up in difficult circumstances - in poverty or in a familiy where violence or alcohol are on the daily agenda. But also "normal" families can run into a crisis.


Our educational counselling supports and relieves families and parents. Serious every-day problems, developmental abnormalities of a child, educational questions, partnership problems or even separation and divorce can cause the need for intensive help. We encourage children and young people, strengthen their individual responsibility and social cempetence. We help them to realize their interests, job visions and wishes.


This can e.g. mean a targeted educational assistance in times of a crisis, working on deficits or promoting social skills. Support is provided in ambulatory, outpatient or inpatient services and facilities of child- and youth services, so immediately inside the family or the familiy counselling facilities, in special educational day care or assisted living schemes.

Weitere Informationen können Sie auch über die Homepage des Fachverbands für Erziehungshilfe im Diakonischen Werk Bayern, dem Evangelischen Erziehungsverband in Bayern e.V. (eev) erhalten.

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Evangelischer Erziehungsverband in Bayern e.V.
Frank Schuldenzucker
Diakonisches Werk Bayern e.V.
Pirckheimerstr. 6
90408 Nürnberg