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The work fields of Diakonie in Bavaria

You probably know the parable of the Good Samaritan: The man finds an injured person at the side of the street. He helps him and takes him to a pub. There he asks the landlord to nurse the injured. He pays the landlord for the costs of the nursing and promises to bear related future costs as well. After that, he continues his jouney and leaves the injured with the landlord.


This parable - if you want to read it, you can look it up in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10 - is about Diakonie and diaconal deeds. It portrays spontaneous Diakonie: You see someone in need and you help. Just like that, without thinking. But the parable also describes another form of Diakonie - professional help for a fee.


Diakonie has many faces and diaconal deeds take place in myriad ways. In an institution or through spontaneous help, which a person can experience anywhere. In which form ever Diakonie happens, there is always one characterizing feature: It is people orientated. People turn to other people, practise solidarity and compassion.


Bavarian Diakonie is involved in more than 100 areas: Starting with the advice and support of HIV-positive people, help for unemployed people, for children, young people and up to the dying, the so-called hospice care and offers for volunteers. The areas of work described here are only a glimpse of the whole picture.

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