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Professional associations

In a way, additionally to the merger of federal- and state associations, the support of certain services have come together on the basis of joint offers and formed so-called professional associations. They allow a more intense professional discourse of the members and a professional representation of concerns in relation to politics, the church, the funding agencies and other associations.

The Protestant association for single mothers and fathers sees itself as a stakeholder for single parents. It aims at the recognition of single parents as a wholesome type of family in all social, political and church matters.

For this purpose it deals with family- and women issues and is commited to improving the financial, legal and social situation of single parents.

It prepares statements on fundamental and current issues and supports the Bavarian state-wide offers for single parents. It promotes the exchange of experiences and represents the interests of single parents in political and church/Diakonie bodies, and also supports and initiates activities. It links the offers for single parents on a Bavarian state level.

The association includes 70 members (meeting places, support, full-time professionals).

The Protestant Educational Association in Bavaria e.V. (EEV) aims at the advice and promotion of some 80 youth aid facilities in Bavaria.

The member institutions of the association provide inpatient youth services, partial inpatient and outpatient as well as flexible youth services.

Part of the association´s offers are work groups, training sessions, conferences and congresses. The EEV also supports families who have educational problems.

The Protestant professional association for family care in Bavaria bundles all Diakonie stations and operating units supplying family care and village help. Also, the training centers for family carers and village helpers are represented.

Our aims are the preservation of these offers for families and single parents, improving the training of family carers, creating a nation-wide coverage of offers for people in need in cooperation with other carriers and the information of interested parties to benefit from family care and village help as an important contribution to relief in emergency situations.

The Protestant professional association for consultaion represents the interests of pregnancy, marriage, family, life and educational counseling. There are currently 28 educational, marriage, family and life counselling centres (20 under Diakonie sponsorship, 8 in co-sponsorship with Caritas), as well as 14 pregnancy consultaion centres (10 under Diakonie sponsorship and 4 sponsored by the "Frauen beraten" society). 7 counselling centres are integrated, which means more than one of the said consultancy sectors is being covered.

The professional associations live up to their Diakonie commitment by supporting aging and old people within and outside the church context in a contemporary manner. Based on this work is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their tasks are the exchange of experiences in all areas of old people´s welfare, issuing opinions relating to general questions, promoting cooperation in all aspects of planning, construcing and operation of facilities and measures of old people´s welfare and the organization of subject-related meetings and study materials.

227 sponsors of institutions for old people´s welfare belong to the professional association.

 The Protestant help for the disabled and social psychiatry in Bavaria e. V. (FEBS) serves on behalf of its Diakonie character and in the perception of social responsibilty and coordinates, helps counselling and supporting measures, facilities and services of the disabled welfare and social psychiatry of the Protestant Lutheran church in Bavaria. It takes care of the concerns from people with disabilities and mental illnesses and raises specialist questions.

60 sponsors from facilities and services for disabled people and social psychiatry belong to the professional association.

The Protestant professional association for drug-addicted people in Bavaria, on behalf of Diakonie, supports the coordination, the counselling and the promotion of drug addicts help institutions. These institutions are run by the Evangelical Lutheran church in Bavaria.

It works with subject-specific questions and addresses substance-related and non substance-related addicts, those in danger of becoming addicted and their family members.

The Protestant professional association "Aid for the homeless and people in conflict with the criminal law" combines all Bavarian Diakonie institutions and help-services for criminals, homeless people, women in specific situations and individual people supporting Diakonie´s work.

The association advises all its members, their institutions and staff in relation to professional questions and represents the aid association for the homeless and people in conflict with the criminal law towards external committees.

To accomplish these tasks, the association organizes events, trainings and conferences.


The Protestant day-care center association in Bavaria combines all sponsors of day care centers and keeps the mutual ligitimate interests with regard to education, religion, economy and socio-politics.

The associations represents the Protestant Lutheran church in Bavaria and Diakonie in all matters relating to Protestant child day-care centers.

The future of our society depends crucially on the future of families. Families develop and also live the fundamental values of our society. They are the most important entity to create and preserve human wealth.

Family responsibilities can be taken in various ways and be lived out differently: in married father-mother-child families, in single-parent families, in patchwork families, but also in solid partnerships, by grand-parents and family members who want to be responsible for their relatives and by those who want to support and nurse older or disabled familiy members. Where ever such coexistence is practised - it is entitled to be protected and officially recognised by society. This explicitly includes families with foreign origin living in our society.

The Bavarian action group´s essential components of family understanding are the solidarity and equality of sexes from generation to generation. This definition of familiy can be found where parents responsibly care for their children, so the children can grow up in safe and secured circumstances. Family on the other hand is also the place where children bear the responsibility for their parents.

The Protestant action group for family affairs is a union of 20 institutions, services, federations and action groups within the Evangelical Lutheran church in Bavaria, advocating improved living conditions for families and children.

Die ejsa Bayern e.V. ist der Zusammenschluss evangelischer Träger der Jugendsozialarbeit und setzt sich für sozial benachteiligte und individuell beeinträchtigte Kinder, Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene ein. Die ejsa wird als evangelischer Fachverband von Evangelischer Jugend Bayern und Diakonischem Werk Bayern getragen. Die ejsa sorgt mit den dazugehörigen Strukturen für gute zukunftsfähige Angebote für benachteiligte junge Menschen. Die ejsa steuert dies aktiv mit.

Die Arbeitsfelder der Jugendsozialarbeit sind bei der ejsa Bayern e.V. miteinander vernetzt und am Ziel einer inklusiven Gesellschaft ausgerichtet.

Berufsbezogene Jugendhilfe (BBJH)
Schulbezogene Jugendsozialarbeit (SJS)
Jugendmigrationsarbeit (JMA)
Gesellschaftspolitische Jugendbildung (gpj)

Mit der Gründung eines eigenen Fachverbandes hat die Diakonie in Bayern im März 2018 auf den wachsenden Bedarf von Sterbebegleitung, Hospizarbeit und Palliativversorgung reagiert.

Der Evangelische Fachverband für End-of-Life-Care bietet für Einrichtungen zu folgenden Themen der End-of-Life-Care Beratungsgespräche an:

  • Implementierung Hospiz- und Palliativkultur in Einrichtungen der ambulanten und stationären Altenhilfe/Eingliederungshilfe
  • Ist Stand - Hospiz- und Palliativkultur in Einrichtungen der ambulanten und stationären Altenhilfe/Eingliederungshilfe - weitere Schritte
  • Gesundheitlicher Versorgungsplan nach § 132g SGB V
  • Implementierung Ethikberatung
  • Spiritual Care

Hier finden Sie die Seite des Fachverbands für End-of-Life-Care.