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Diakonie in Germany

Diakonie is social work done by the Protestant churches. Because practiced faith and the belief in God go hand in hand, several diaconal institutions offer several services for the people. They help people in need, people who suffer from unfair social circumstances. They try to fight the cause for these emergency situations. "Diakonie" comes from the Greek word for "service".

Protestant Diakonie and Development (reg.association) is a nonprofit organization. Its members are the Diakonie Werke of the national churches, nine free churches and their diaconal institutions and about 90 professional associations of various work fields. These members work in more than 27.000 independent institutions of various sizes and different legal forms, offering more than one million care places. There are more than 450.000 full-time or partially employed members of staff.

Furthermore, there are about 3.600 diaconal self-help groups and other aid groups. The diaconal work is supported by roundabout 18.000 parishes of the national and free churches. There are about 400.000 active voluntary Diakonie workers (m/f).