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Diakonie Bavaria in simple language


What is simple language?


Everyone should be able to understand everything.

We use short words.

We use simple words.

We use the same words for the same things.

We explain difficult words.

We use short sentences.

What does Diakonie Bavaria mean?


The word Dia-ko-nie
has its roots in the Greek language.
The word Diakonie means service.
Service for people in need for help.
The word also means: charity.



The Diakonie people believe in God.

For them, charity and the belief in God and Jesus is important.
Jesus has helped many people in need.

Diakonie Bavaria says:

We help people in need.

Everyone is precious.

Everyone is lovable.

Everyone is different.


What does Diakonie Bavaria do?


Diakonie is old, indeed.

It has been founded 150 years ago.

Diakonie has several tasks.

Diakonie supports everyone

who needs help.


For example:

  • old and sick people

  • people with disabilities

  • people from abroad

  • drug addicts

  • families with sick children

Diakonie runs nursing homes.

Diakonie runs hospitals and counselling centres.

Diakonie provides playschools and leisure activities for families.

Diakonie Bavaria is a big association.

There are almost 3000 Diakonie institutions.

More than 80.000 people contribute to Diakonie.

There are Diakonie associations in almost every Bavarian town.

Sometimes the Diakonie institution is only small.

An outpatient nursing service, for example.

"Outpatient" means:
People in need live at home and are being supported and helped there - in their homes.

But there are also huge Diakonie associations.

They are often called Diakonisches Werk.

More than 1000 people work there.


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