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Diakonie in Bavaria

Diakonie Bavaria, consisting of more than 2.800 institutions and over 53.600 full-time employees with roughly 83.500 staff members, is the second largest independent welfare organization in Bavaria.
So Diakonie Bavaria is not only one of the largest employers, but also a remarkable economic factor. Diakonie Bavaria has been existing for about 150 years, some single institutions are even older.

You can find Diakonie in almost every town of the Free State, albeit in different forms:

There are about 240 small Diakonie associations, that mostly run "only" one Diakonie station, which means only one mobile nursing service.

Then there is Diakonie with several institutions: depending on their size, these institutions can give work to up to 1000 people or more. Often the local Diakonie one of the biggest employers.

There are also the complex associations with several thousands of employees - those associations have institutions all over Bavaria, oftentimes also abroad.

United they all characterize Diakonie´s face.

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