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About Diakonie

Diakonie is one of the six major independent welfare organizations in Germany*. Together with them and the public bodies - the districts and the communities - it guarantees the basic social services in Germany. It maintains many 1000 institutions with more than 400.000 employees.

Basis of diaconal work is the faith in Jesus Christ, as he was described in the Bible. In Jesus Christ God became man and turned to the people. Our work embodies this living faith and serves the people.


This is what makes us different from other providers in the social sector: the basis of our actions is the Christian idea of man. The human being as God´s creature has an inalienable dignity. He himself/ her herself is precious, regardless of his/her economic situation or creativity. We would like to accept his/her problems and help together to find a solution.


But Diakonie is even more: as a lawyer for the weak we also intervene in the political and social life and stand up for others. So Diakonie in Bavaria is forming a Lobby for those who cannot stand up for themselves or whose voices have long been silenced.



*The other organizations of independent welfare: Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Caritas, Red Cross, Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Central Association of Jews.

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Referent Diakonie im sozialen Nahraum
Carsten Fürstenberg
Diakonisches Werk Bayern e.V.
Postfach 120320
90332 Nürnberg Bayern